Operate with ever-changing data-loggers through the Wenda platform

Nowadays, traceability systems and tools are constantly evolving. Be sure to keep all your data on one single platform, even when adopting new technologies. Benefit from our on top services, leveraging  the insights provided by the many data-loggers currently available.

Keep the old while integrating the new

Do you want to be on the frontline of digital innovation but at the same time you wish to maintain your well-oiled management system? Now you do not have to make a choice: our platform can work with your internal systems and provide a smooth user experience for the management of your logistics chains.


Make your devices and systems talk to each other, no matter their differences

What good is a new, cost-effective device if you cannot get it to work with your system? With Wenda, you will use a fully compatible platform that will collect information whatever device you choose to use. The interoperability shall extend to your company’s ERPs, main data-logger providers, traceability softwares.

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A hardware agnostic platform working with all the major tracking devices and systems and systems to create services on top of track and trace solutions.