Decide who gets access to which information for each individual journey

Gain differential data access for clients, suppliers, insurance providers and logistics partners, enhancing your commercial relationships. Our access management allows you to quickly enable your clients’ accounts and to show them different levels of operations (e.g. you can show your retailer what your logistics operator is doing).

Communicate more efficiently with your coworkers and within your organisation

Gain granular access data for employees and collaborators, to create an information stream in the organisation about how the product is treated and how the chain works. Based on the severity of alarms escalation, you can provide information access to the most specialised collaborators, optimising your resources.


Share your data with insurance companies and quality control entities

Show objectively how you control the processes and products you manage, so you can both get the best pricing for your insurance policy and comply with regulations.

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Enable services reselling, sharing real-time data at differential levels. Start communicating more efficiently with your coworkers and clients.