Know the hazard points of your supply chain. Make data driven decisions, provide food safety

Find the main integrity critical points in your chain. Take care of your products through alarm thresholds configurable for each shipment and storage, connect your systems to the platform to group information in a single dashboard.

Check your suppliers’ accountability and rank them according to performance

Through collected data you can assess if your product has travelled in good conditions. By receiving information on different actors involved in your supply chain, you can compare performances and understand who is providing you with the highest value service. Choose only the best for your products.


Get email notifications when issues arise

The alarm notification management allows to set up escalations based on issue severity, warning you via email every time the monitored conditions exceed the thresholds. Diversify alarm recipients, assign targeted tasks to your collaborators.

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Integrity alarms and insights show you a clear overview of the hazard points along your supply chain. Chose only the best for your products!