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16 September 2019

The Cold Chain

Introduction Food&Beverage logistics is taking an increasingly leading role in the global landscape because it represents one of the more dynamic and innovation-oriented industries. However, companies which operate in the various divisions of the Food&Beverage sector […]
9 September 2019

Big Data Analytics

Introduction The coming of Big Data in the business world which we are recently witnessing is quite relevant, for many reasons. Investment priorities change, technologies and interpretative models evolve, the speed of trade rises and, as […]
26 August 2019

Talking about us: Food Integrity management in the collective catering industry

Introduction: Food Service presents Wenda Food Service is the new magazine of Gruppo Food, dedicated to the sector of Food distribution and dealing with the collective catering industry. Food Service aims to become a benchmark for […]
19 August 2019

The benefits of digitalisation. Sustainability challenges to tackle Food Losses.

Introduction The issue of food loss is of high importance in the efforts to combat hunger, raise income and improve food security in the world’s poorest countries. According to FAO, Food Losses refer to a decrease […]
5 August 2019

Challenges and new technologies in the fruits & vegetables industry

  Introduction The extension of Food logistical chains requires the market to use great care when dealing with Fruit and Vegetables: they are characterised by a high degree of perishability and so they have a limited […]
29 July 2019

IoT in the dairy industry. A European Project.

Introduction We at Wenda are coordinators of the European project  called Beverage Integrity Tracking, a part of the “Fruit Trial” from IoF2020 (Ndt: Internet Of Food&Farm 2020) – a European financing project specifically dedicated to IoT […]
22 July 2019

Challenges and new technologies in the dairy industry

Introduction The dairy industry is a sector full of internal junctures and dotted with many challenges. Milk and derivatives have a limited shelf-life since expiry date is crucial; maintaining the correct temperature in all the stages […]
15 July 2019

Fighting food waste: the benefits of digitalisation

Introduction What actually is Food waste? Four terms can be isolated to establish a framework regarding food waste: food availability (production of the whole food supply-chain); oversupply (difference between quantity produced and quantity actually consumed); waste […]