From few cents per product, plug and play, and integrable with company's environments.


Wenda empowers the food chain with a shared, plug and play, low-priced platform to track the integrity of food along the distribution, knowing how much and when the food has been stressed. It is enabled by IoT and blockchain technologies conceived for any food & beverage product.


Enhance quality and logistics processes, relationships with stakeholders in one platform:

Integrity alarms and distribution hazard points overview

Discover which are the most critical points in the supply chain and which stakeholders does not take care of your product.

Multi-access allowing the service reselling

Choose to share real-time data with colleagues, logistics, customers, insurances or other stakeholders. Configure who access info for each individual journey.

Travel docs and picture storage with each journey data

Remove the paperwork from the journey organization, save documents and pictures with the rest of journey information.

Integration with many devices

Tracking devices are in a continuous evolution, and our platform can be integrated with any real-time IoT device in the market.


Are you sure that the product remains intact across the supply-chain?

In each phase it can be counterfeited or can deteriorate. Hence the necessity to constantly monitor logistic units.

jODYN IoT - evolving traceability

jODYN IoT provides the state of health of logistic units by gathering data and analysing them. It checks the shipment’s history and understands when critical conservation thresholds are exceeded.


Real time tracking of multimodal shipping via truck, airplane and vessel, following short or long routes.

Cold chain

Comply with food safety regulations from producer to consumer, control pre-cooling phases, heating and conservation.


Immediate control of storage of food, into conditions controlled cellars or in standard WH with plug&play systems


ODYN Platform

Cloud Platform

  • Actionable data tailored to you
  • End-to-end supply chain visibility
  • Shared info and reports

Dashboards offer tools for both instant decision making and easy management of your tracking experience. Custom-specific algorithms can be defined to trigger alarms when critic situations verify. All the journeys information are stored and available in cloud. The platform is fully integrable with ERPs or existing environments.


NFC Smartphone App

  • Check alarms
  • Configure jODYN and manage assets
  • Share data with the platform

Display alarms-triggered notifications checking if the food integrity is kept. Activate each jODYN for a specific journey and configure its settings on custom needs.


Device IoT

  • Small design
  • Reusable
  • Critical parameters

It triggers alarms notifications via recording, memorizing and analyzing of critical environmental parameters (temperature, door-opening and more); a low energy consumption allows multi-journey reuses and it is as small as a lighter.

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Why choose us

Cross Platform
Shared Platform

Share data with stakeholders

Easy management, use and self-configuration

It is a highly specialized solution for the food & beverage market, not a general purpose product

Prezzo competitivo
Competitive price

Inferior price if compared to other devices and solutions currently available on the market.

Monitoraggio della filiera
Supply-chain monitoring

Discovering what happens to your logistic units becomes a real possibility

analisi wenda
Decision Support System

Algorithms, alerts and automatic data analysis are a valid ally against supply-chain deficits.

Dimensioni ridotte
High Performance

Smaller and more functional device if compared to market standards, with high performances and reliability.