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jODYN IoT can be used for all the sensitive products that need to be monitored during the most delicate stages of their journey towards the client, namely movement and storage.

It is possible to monitor a whole container with a single jODYN. Of course, it depends on the level of knowledge granularity that is needed to be obtained: for instance, if inside a container the two edges present very different environmental conditions, it is not possible to grasp these differences with a single jODYN. The number of jODYN to be placed in every logistic unit, therefore, depends on both the need to be monitored that one kind of product might have and the value of the product in question.

jODYN uses NFC technology to communicate with smartphones. That is because NFC technology is the most energy-efficient, enabling our jODYN to dispose of several sensors but still preserving a long battery-life.
An Internet-connected version, called jODYN Live, will be available from March 2018.

Without Internet connection, you can see the parameters detected by the sensors in the very second in which the “touch” with the smartphone happens, but it is not possible to visualise Historical Data (those detected by the sensors since when jODYN had been activated). That is for security reasons: when Historical Data are being requested to jODYN, the platform requires a Log In, to be sure that the person who will see those data has a right to do so.

jODYN are powered with a normal watch battery. Energy consumption is very low and the charge can last up to 2 years and 6 months, depending on the number of sensors and usage. In any case, the battery is replaceable.

jODYN can monitor temperature, relative humidity, light exposure, box-breaching events, and localisation of the logistic unit (at the time of data download).

Once the products have arrived at destination, or in some transit-points, and the data detected by jODYN have been sent to the platform, you can know what has happened during the journey. ; in any case, to receive data from vessels or airplanes is extremely complex, considering all the limitations that travelling by ship or airplane imply in terms of coverage and authorisation for Internet connection.

The cost of jODYN IoT solution is much variable according both to the kind of project you wish to implement and to the number of logistic units you want to monitor. Wenda intends to create bespoke projects based on the needs of its partners. This allows Wenda to have a huge flexibility instead of a stationary, rigid list.

jODYN can be secured inside the logistic unit that you want to monitor, be it a box, a pallet or a whole container. Alternatively, it can be fixed mechanically through double-sided tape or screws.

jODYN are reusable and their battery lasts up to 2 years and 6 months since first activation.

The battery can last up to 2 years and 6 months, depending on the number of sensors placed in jODYN and on the timespan between times of data-collecting (this option is customisable in jODYN’s activation stage).

It is possible to know where the shipment has been, at the time of data download from jODYN, for cost and size reasons. In any case, to receive data from vessels or airplanes is extremely complex for technical reasons not due to Wenda. From March 2018, it will be possible to obtain this information in “real time”, wherever connection will be available.

I componenti elettronici di jODYN sono stati testati per un funzionamento da -40°C a +85°C. È possibile rilevare temperature minori o superiori. Variando il modello di batteria, è possibile allargare il range di temperatura per l’intero device. L’importante è che venga comunicato, per apportare le necessarie modifiche all’interno del jODYN.

Currently, detected data cannot be used as recourse tool from the legal standpoint – only from the relational one – due to the present lack of insurance products that include the adoption of IoT solutions during shipments.

No, jODYN has been tested in accredited laboratories, and it possesses EC type-examination certificate.

At the moment, the smartphone App works only on OS Android devices (80% of smartphones available on the market has Android). iPhone has recently launched NFC technology with model 8; in time, the App for IOS Apple environments will be available.

The platform is accessible to all users at any moment, and the historical data regarding previous shipments remain available for a certain time, determined by the contract signed with Wenda.

Not directly. jODYN must never touch the product itself not to cause Food Safety problems. Through analytics, it is possible to understand the evolution of the product from a chemical standpoint, depending on the environmental parameters of preservation detected by jODYN.

From the second quarter of 2018 jODYN will have the chance to be connected to mobile networks, so that it can automatically send data to ODYN, jODYN IoT’s platform (where and when a connection is available), without the need of any action by operators at the time of shipment delivery.

Wenda solutions are purchasable straight from Wenda srl. For more information, we send you back to the Contacts Form in our Contacts page.

The data-detection timespan is customisable according to the client’s needs and can be different between the different jODYN.

Wenda can provide, according to the client’s needs, an Android smartphone internally tested, highly performant and particularly economic in its integration with Wenda solutions.

Yes, both the software and jODYN are customisable, with costs and times to be defined from time to time.

Yes. The sensors with which jODYN can be implemented will be monitoring temperature, light exposure, relative humidity, impact shock, tampering attempts and atmospheric pressure. If other sensors are required, we kindly ask you to contact Wenda to check the options.

jODYN IoT allows you to understand what happens in product distribution, to know if and when there occur conditions that might deteriorate the product, and to assign direct responsibilities on commodities handling.

jODYN IoT is currently used by producers, transporters, importers and agencies that research product quality.

Yes, we offer the possibility to purchase a testing kit.

ODYN receives data sent by the jODYN App after the data download from jODYN. It then elaborates and turns them into information that is useful for decisions and makes them available for users who have a right to it.

NFC means Near Field Communication. Basically, NFC technology allows communication and data exchange between two devices placed in contact.

Data regarding your jODYN are accessible through jODYN App and ODYN platform, the latter being accessible both from mobile and pc.

Currently, the available languages are Italian and English.

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