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About Kettle Produce España

Kettle Produce España is a Spanish company working in the AgriFood industry. It was founded in 2003 on the initiative of three partners with extensive experience in the sector.


Kettle Produce plants, harvests, prepares and delivers its produce with an effective response capacity, to supply fresh products at their optimal moment of ripeness and preserving all their flavour characteristics. Kettle Produce España’s products are controlled from seed to customer, by selecting the varieties that best suit commercial programmes, chosen according to their climatic and water conditions. The farms are chosen according to the climate, soil characteristics, crop water requirements and season, harvesting the products at the optimum time to suit customers needs. The Kettle Produce España technical team monitors the fields on a daily basis, optimizing irrigation cycles and controlling crop evolution, to deliver first-hand on-site information. The harvest is carried out at the optimal moment of ripeness, adapting harvesting and logistics. In this way, the product can be presented in optimum conditions of colour, flavour and aroma.


Kettle Produce España’s state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with high and low humidity cold stores, intense light capacity and are organised linearly to optimize work processes, so that the customer specifications can be followed in detail, seeking effectiveness, optimization and improvement of the logistics processes, avoiding mistakes and maximizing yield.


Kettle Produce España believes that the future of its activity lies in the sustainability of its farms. In order to make business environmentally sustainable, it is committed to preserve and improve the environment, using all the necessary resources and means. An Environmental Conservation and Improvement Plan has been implemented. Through an objective assessment of the company’s environmental situation, and establishing the necessary work protocols and policies, work systems are designed based on IFM (Integrated Farm Management) Codes of Good Practices.

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How we helped


Kettle Produce España carried out many shipments of vegetables in the logistical routes connecting Spain with North Europe. It needed to monitor its loads to establish if any temperature or location related issue would arise during the transportation stage. It also needed to access this information easily via web, with the possibility to share it within its organization. Kettle Produce España also wanted to determine precisely if trucks came to  the destination point, within the agreed timeframe, and so truck geolocalization became a key factor in order to ascertain this information. Kettle Produce España needed also to find a way to communicate accurate and real-time information concerning the integrity data of each shipment to both its support center and its Scottish office, since it must comply at all times with Food Safety and cold chain regulations.


The extension of Food logistical chains requires the market to use great care when dealing with vegetables, because they are characterized by a high degree of perishability and so they have a limited shelf-life. The preservation of the right temperature in all the stages of the cold chain is the key to ensure Food safety: gaining an end-to-end supply chain visibility is a decisive factor to overcome hurdles and issues that might arise in its multiple stages. Therefore, in this industry there is the need to employ innovative solutions for advanced and simplified food integrity management to be aware of everything that happens in each step of the supply chain, to communicate quickly with collaborators within the organization, to deliver fresh produce and, at the selling stage, to decrease product return rates.


Food Safety and quality are the industry’s fundamental principles, since they are directly linked to people’s health. A proper, timely and technologically advanced supply chain management, particularly when dealing with cold chains, can help Kettle Produce España to overcome its challenges, that are keeping the product’s shelf-life intact, preventing deterioration and allowing for both the improvement of efficiency levels and the decrease of product return rates from retailers and final consumers.


Wenda provided Kettle Produce España with access to the Wenda Food Integrity Management Hub, the only cross-chain and cross-device digital platform, turning supply chain control from a cost to a competitive advantage.


In this case, Wenda’s Platform was enabled for real-time temperature monitoring and geolocalization by means of proprietary algorithms and commercially available data loggers. Also, Kettle Produce España had the possibility to employ Wenda’s multiaccess management: this is a feature which allows companies to communicate more efficiently with coworkers and within the organization itself by enabling granular access to data for employees and collaborators and creating an information stream in the organization about how the product is treated and how the chain works.


Wenda’s digital platform enabled Kettle Produce España to observe in a single dashboard eventual integrity alarms regarding the preservation of vegetables during their journey, and a sharp overview of the hazard points along the chain during the whole 2019 vegetables commercial season. Also, Kettle Produce España was able to determine that the timeframe for the arrival of its shipments in Scotland was within the terms of the agreement reached with the logistical contractor.

“Kettle Produce España is very pleased with the collaboration with Wenda, since it allows us to employ a very effective and flexible tool to monitor our goods. For the characteristics of the products we work with, it is crucial to be able to control and have first-hand, real-time information on the situation. All this enabled us to get ahead of potential issues with unloading processes and to solve them already during the shipment phase, so that we can deliver the product in perfect conditions and, above all, at the correct and required temperature. A great success!”


Advanced supply chain traceability and accessibility → Kettle Produce España was enabled to take care of its products through the alarm management system regarding temperature-related issues configurable for each shipment in a single dashboard. It could access the necessary data in few seconds, without having to coordinate complicated analytical tools and long management processes. Thus, it followed its products closely, up to their arrival to the Northern Europe facilities.
100% increase in end-to-end supply chain visibility → Kettle Produce España was able to find the main temperature critical points in the route of its supply chain, and to assess the respect of the time schedule agreed upon with its logistical partner. It could take care of its shipments to deliver fresh, intact and controlled vegetables to its clients.
Customized accounts for other users in the chain → The multiaccess management enabled Kettle Produce España to share journey data with both its customer service in Spain and its Scottish office, which received the shipped products. The creation of a shared information stream within the organization regarding the handling of the product while travelling helped the company to coordinate efforts in a better, more effective way. This gave higher visibility of the hurdles in this particular logistical route to more actors than it did in the past, smoothing operations and enhancing transparency and cooperation in the chain.

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