About Camst

Gruppo Camst is the leader in the Italian collective catering sector, guaranteeing tradition, fine cuisine, selected and controlled raw ingredients, certified safety and quality for schools, companies, hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, both publicly and privately owned.

Gruppo Camst believes that the quality of a meal does not depend only on the people who work in the kitchens, but also on the whole set of processes that come before the meal is cooked and enjoyed. To highlight the safety of its services, Gruppo Camst adopted its own Integrated Management System, which allows to guide and control operations in terms of quality, food safety, traceability, environmental protection, health, safety in the workplace and corporate social responsibility.

Camst’s offer for public and private entities is articulated in catering services which employ technology, cutting-edge cooking methods, diversified and tailored solutions. All production, packaging, transport and distribution procedures are certified.

Camst in numbers


784 mln € revenue
Several UNI EN ISO Certifications


European presence


15.800+ employees
70+ yrs experience

How we helped


Gruppo Camst wanted to ensure integrity and quality of the food it processes and serves, to provide consumers with top quality and adequate shelf-life products. To do so, it needed to manage Food integrity information and monitor Food integrity and temperatures in 8 cold rooms located in its kitchens. Devoting the utmost attention to Food quality and safety and supervising compliance with HACCP protocols are however increasingly complex activities, involving many collaborators performing different functions in the company.

The challenges were many: Gruppo Camst wanted to use innovative tools and systems which could streamline and increase the efficiency of HACCP protocols control and implementation; moreover, there was a need to better understand the performance regarding temperature continuity of some refrigeration units in processing kitchens, tailoring them to Gruppo Camst’s specific needs; finally, employees required help in daily operations to comply with HACCP protocols, structure a smoother internal communication and pay the greatest care in Food quality and safety.

In addition to the necessity of minimizing deterioration risks and enabling proper cold unit monitoring, Gruppo Camst also recognized the need to access functions of operations control for one of its managers, to check operations advancements and streamline the flow of information.


Wenda provided Gruppo Camst with access to the Wenda Information Management Hub, enabled for real-time cold room temperature monitoring with a plug & play app, a platform and data loggers installed in the refrigeration units needed to be monitored.

After the Quality manager established integrity thresholds which should not be exceeded, the data loggers were activated via smartphone and they started detecting potential integrity issues regarding temperature: in this way Gruppo Gruppo Camst was able to monitor the temperature pattern both via smartphone notifications displayed in a single dashboard and through a light signal, whenever critical thresholds were about to be reached. These objective data are stored on the web: they can be used to prove regulatory compliance and to ensure Food safety and an adequate shelf life.

Furthermore, Gruppo Gruppo Camst had the possibility to explore Wenda’s Multiaccess management feature to create an information stream in the organisation about the best-performing refrigeration units. This can help to pave the way for a more efficient communication between coworkers and within the organization.

All in all, the digitalization of monitoring processes. paper documents, reportings and notifications to management empowered a proactive, non-reactive approach.

Operational improvement → The Head of the kitchen was able to find out which were the best-performing kitchens. A marked improvement in the attention paid by employees during the daily cooking work was also reported. Moreover, the Operations manager was enabled to find out that some refrigeration units were not working at their 100% capacity, and which ones they were.
Objective data availability to prove regulatory compliance → The Quality manager enjoyed greater ease in documenting HACCP protocols, being able to provide quality control entities with objective data regarding how processes and products have been monitored, to fully comply with existing regulations.
Greater control of internal processes → Different levels of information regarding most critical hours and days of the week for the refrigerators’ performance levels have been shared between Camst management and staff. Both individual refrigeration units and aggregate statistics were shown in a single control point to handle criticalities timely.

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