About Apofruit

On the international scene for over 50 years, Apofruit Italia is a cooperative company that works with its own processing facilities and producer members in all of Italy, combining constant growth with the mission of developing the greatest possible specialization in the country’s main fruit and vegetable products.

This specialization is realized through quality and differentiated offer, fruit variety renewal, product and process innovations, services tailored for the modern retail channels, organizational and company management efficiency.

Apofruit’s fruit and vegetables are cultivated by producer members only in Italy’s best growing areas, in the fullest respect for health and the environment along the entire controlled and certified production chain. The products are grown following the most rigorous production protocols to guarantee their authenticity and flavour.

Today, Apofruit can boast a thorough enforcement of procedures for the control of production processes, the recent development of organically grown produce, a team of specialized agricultural advisers for technical assistance to farms and rising investments in energy savings.

Apofruit in numbers


15 processing plants and 16 structures for product collection and storage
Integrated production system guidelines, Globalgap, BRC, IFS, GRASP, ISO 22000, ISO 22005, DEMETER
290.000 tons of fruit produced
Turnover of 245 million €
PGI, PDO and typical products


International scope


50+ yrs experience

How we helped


Apofruit needed to comply with large-scale retail Food safety regulations and to provide consumers with top quality and adequate shelf-life products, with regards to shipments of boxes of strawberries and other fresh produce from southern Italy markets in Scanzano Jonico (MT) to both central-northern Italy and Middle-East markets.

The complexities and the extension of Italian supply chains require the market to use extra care in dealing with fruits and vegetables freshness, to create added value and recognisability, and to avoid spoilage, shelf life and regulatory compliance issues.

The respect of Food Safety and quality are the Fruit and Vegetables industry’s fundamental challenges, since they are directly linked to people’s health. Moreover, a proper supply chain management, particularly when dealing with cold chains, contributes to keeping the product’s shelf-life intact and to prevent its deterioration, enabling the improvement of efficiency levels, the possibility to present a top product and eventually the decrease of product recall rates.

In addition to the necessity of minimizing deterioration risks and enabling proper supply chain management through a system for the management of cold chain and localization data – potentially shareable with customers – Apofruit recognized the need to provide access to functions of operations control for one of its managers in the southern Italy facility of Scanzano Jonico. Also, Apofruit needed to equip its managers in the southern Italy facility with efficient and smooth data management systems, to monitor its supply chain and logistical operators, reduce costs, save time, secure a healthy cold chain management and comply with Food Safety regulations.


Wenda provided Apofruit with access to the Wenda Information Management Hub, enabled for real-time temperature monitoring and geolocalisation via proprietary algorithms and commercially available data loggers. Integrity alarms in a single dashboard and a sharp overview of the hazards along the chain granted the possibility to prove regulatory compliance through objective data and to ensure Food safety and an adequate shelf life, enabling full cold chain visibility.

Furthermore, Apofruit explored Wenda’s Multiaccess management feature: the cooperative was able to gain granular data access for employees and collaborators, to create an information stream in the organisation about how the product is treated and how the chain works. In this way it could scrutinize the setting up of the monitoring system and communicate the related information to the central office manager. This implied a more efficient communication between coworkers and within the organization.

Company quote

100% increase in cold chain visibility on each journey activated on the Wenda hub → Apofruit uncovered the main integrity critical points in its supply chain, it could take care of its products through alarm thresholds configurable for each shipment, and was able to connect its systems to the platform to group information in a single dashboard by using quick, simple analytical tools. Apofruit enhanced therefore its customer care, since its products were more easily and more closely monitored.
Objective data availability to prove regulatory compliance → Food safety and quality data could be shared by Apofruit with insurance companies and quality control entities to show objectively how it controlled processes and products it managed, to fully comply with regulations.
Greater control of internal processes → Managers in central office had the possibility to decide who had access to which information for each individual journey: it quickly allowed a manager in the southern Italy facility to access Wenda’s Hub, which enabled the displaying of different levels of operations.

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