Welcome to our world!

We wish to tell you our story from the early days to make you part of our universe, showing you the fabric of our company culture and the core values that guide our choices day by day and enable us to fulfill our promises. We believe that only together we can do something extraordinary! 



Antonio Catapano
Co-founder, CEO/CTO, MBA

Entrepreneur since 25+ yrs, with excellent skills in auto-id technologies and system integration, with a large know-how on IoT systems and people management. Experience in dealing and creating value with large tech partners (Datalogic, IBM, Zebra, etc).

Mattia Nanetti
Co-founder, COO/Head of go to market and fundraising

Agricultural economics studies, Master Degree in Innovation Management at Milano School of Management. Skills in positioning a service on the market and dealing with investors. 50+ public speeches.

Liliana Briganò
Sales Director

Studies in Caracas and New York. Multi-skilled Manager, 25 yrs international experience in customer, sales and personnel management. Coordinated international negotiation and IT sales through EMEA, LATAM and APAC regions. Skills in everything within sales functions and internationalisation.

The team is completed by other partners and collaborators who make up a group of more than ten dynamic and resourceful people!


In Wenda, people come first.

Wenda’s team is and will always be formed by people who have integrity excellence, respect and inclusivity as their guiding principles.

Each person has projects to complete and goals to reach. Everyone does the best they can to fulfill such goals because we love what we do.

We aim to shape an outstanding workspace in which people trust each other, feel proud of what they do and gladly look forward to mondays.

At Wenda we believe in the pursuit of a balance between personal life and business time, offering smart working solutions and a certain degree of flexibility in working hours.

Nobody is bound by any specific rule: Wenda designs a path that the person is encouraged to walk, drafting their space/role/position in the company.

The whole team is updated on key operations, the direction and the vision pursued on the market by the startup, in order to keep everyone on the same page.

Wenda mixes people of different age and experience, with a common trait: the desire to get in the game and learn!

As for all startups, we focus on what the market needs and is willing to pay for – our gain being money, efforts, data – operating with transparency and legality. 

In Wenda it is vital that people have, or quickly develop, a good amount of creativity, problem solving and… resilience!


Birth of Wenda – Meeting: Agricultural faculty and Companies The meeting between Tonio and Mattia, Wenda’s co-founders, happened in the place of synergy between theoretical knowledge and entrepreneurial practice: the University of Bologna. Many shared business ideas laid the ground for a long road together. Let there be light! We started exploring the wine industry, tasting many wines. The best wines. We took our first steps in the sector of wine traceability hardware and software, also attending Vinitaly. Touring around Italy and tasting excellencies with the best winemakers, we wondered what might be happening to mass-market perishable products, when even luxury ones suffer dubious logistical handling. Errors We also made some constructive mistakes, investing our resources on the hardware component. Therefore we welcomed different players experienced in tracking and discovered many supply chains interested in traceability and Food Integrity. Participation to Maersk – Our market understanding widens Taking part to the Food Track acceleration programme led by Maersk made us realise our evolutionary imperatives. It would not have been difficult for more structured players to surpass us in hardware production, so we decided not to pursue that road. Entry of new partners – The hardware concept is left behind We abandoned the hardware concept, to create a cross-chain and cross-device Saas solution to manage Food Integrity information in Food&Beverage supply chains. Wenda Information Management Hub was born, Digital Magics and Makanta got on board. This corresponds with the recruitment of new team collaborators These new partners revitalised our growth, enabling us to expand the team: new people with fresh energies and additional skills entered Wenda, in line with our core values. to keep solving Food Loss and Food Safety issues, to improve end-to-end supply chain and create higher trust among the many stakeholders, with close attention towards consumers. Wenda never stops!